“The clock is ticking on his Presidency” GB News host gives this blistering take on Biden.

In a blistering monologue by Patrick Christy on GB News, Biden gets likened to a faulty product that needed to be taken back to the store for a full refund.

Patrick said he hoped the American people still had their receipts as they were miss-sold at the last election.

Patrick then hit the US President after he looked at his watch while 13 dead US Marines who gave their lives for the US were taken from the plane and loaded into vehicles. Patrick said angrily: “Have you somewhere to be Joe?”

A parent of one of the Marines said Biden was more interested in talking about his own son who passed away rather than the sons and daughters of those who had died in the bomb explosion outside Kabul Airport last week.

Before Patrick dropped the mic and wrapped up, he made one thing clear, and that was “The clock is ticking on his Presidency”.

To be honest i cant see Biden lasting much longer. At a 36% and falling approval rating the people do not support him.