Mother of Killed Marine has her social media accounts temporarily taken down after criticising Joe Biden.

A mother of one of the Marines who died in the bomb blast outside Kabul airport last week had her Facebook and Instagram account temporarily taken offline for criticising Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan.

Shana Chapell, the mother of Kareem Nikoui, who was one of the Marines who was sadly killed in last weeks ISIS-K bomb, took to social media to blame Biden for her son’s death.

On Sunday just gone, Shana (mother) met with Joe Biden where she said, she looked him ‘straight in the eyes and said she didn’t want to hear about Biden’s son who was in the military and had passed away from cancer in 2015. Others in the rooms confirmed Biden went on about his son.

The mother alleged Biden was not compassionate after he threw his hand ‘in the air and rolled his eyes when speaking to him. Yesterday her social media account was temporarily taken down by Facebook and Instagram.

The account was restored with Facebook claiming it was an accident, yet some of her posts criticising Joe Biden have been blocked from viewing. Below are a few of the censored posts.

Last week during a Hurricane press conference, Joe Biden walked off slamming his hand in anger on the podium after a reporter asked a relevant question regarding Afghanistan. This also added fuel to the fire. Many claim Biden doesnt care and are now questioning Biden’s mental fitness to be the leader of the free world.