GB News presenter calls out “NO SHOW JOE,” saying, “Biden lacks the judgement and cognitive health to deal with this ensuing Afghanistan crisis.”

In a scathing assessment on Joe Bidens’ cognitive ability to deal with Afghanistan, GB News Presenter highlights the world’s state due to Biden’s absence of dealing with the current crisis.

Mark Dolan recapped, telling viewers that Joe Biden “slapped his hand on the podium” in anger due to being asked about Afghanistan during a Hurricane press conference.

Mark followed with the response from one of the mothers of the Marines that sadly passed away due to last weeks bomb explosion outside of Kabul Airport, saying: “He’s not as angry as the mother of a Marine killed in the evacuation who had the following withering assessment.”

The Marines mother said: Biden is a “feckless dementia ridden piece of crap.”

Mark continued his assessment, saying: “The former commander of British troops in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp says the UK now faces its biggest terror threat in years”, thanks to the actions of Joe Biden.

The GB News presenter then revealed the current threat the west now faces from North Korea. Mark said: “North Korea have restarted a nuclear reactor. That’s believed to have produced plutonium for nuclear weapons, according to the UN”

With so many variables now at play due to the actions of one man who is certainly not running the show, nor does he have the mental capacity to navigate these dangerous times, the world certainly does feeling rudderless at the moment.

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