Councils demand more money and resources from the Home Office to house Afghan Migrants coming into the UK.

Councils up and down the UK are warning that there isn’t enough housing to house Afghan refugees and that they may be in transition for a lot longer unless the Home Office pays the councils more money for shelter.

The Home Secretary announced that 20,000 Afghan Migrants would be resettled in the UK over the next few years, which sounds pleasant in a press statement. Yet, when reality hits, councils around the UK warn they currently can’t accommodate them.

On Channel 4 news, one Councillor from Milton Keynes told them there isn’t enough ‘housing stock’ to house those needing homes. Families coming to the UK are not the typical four-person family; some have up to 12 people meaning accommodation for that size family they just don’t have. Source

Though the last US planes have taken off from Kabul, Footage from Afghanistan shows a mass exodus of people fleeing Afghanistan into the neighbouring country Iran.

There is also a concern, especially from the EU, that a massive wave of Afghans will soon try to enter the EU, pushing its border security to the limit. How many will end up at the Channel border is yet again unknown, but if what’s happening today is anything to go by, it will probably be in its thousands.

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