HUXIT? – A popular Hungarian Newspaper tries to push Orban down the path of a possible Hungarian exit from the EU.

Speculations are rife that Hungary may be preparing for the UK style exit from the EU. This is after a pro-government newspaper called for a national discussion about a possible HUXIT (Hungary’s EU Exit).

However, this has sparked a massive backlash in Hungary with claims Victor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, has been making moves behind people’s backs.

A pro-government newspaper article by a leading member of an affiliate organisation to the Hungarian Prime Minister calls for Orban to set the stage for a potentially explosive debate on Hungary’s future in the EU.


Supporters of the current government suggest that it might be time to discuss Hungary’s exiting the EU or HUXIT.

However, the Hungarian foreign minister has dismissed the idea regarding the proposal to push a debate on the country’s departure from the Bloc.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister said: “Hungary has been a member of the European Union and will remain a member of the European Union. We’re interested to see the EU as a strong organisation.”

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