Michel Barnier’s Presidential dream crashes at 8% in the polls compared to Macron and Le Pen, who are both on 25%.

Soon after Barnier put his hat into the ring to face Macron in Next Years French Presidential Race, people are suggesting his campaign will flop.

Mr Barnier declared his intention to stand against Macron in Next years election as the unity candidate who will heal division. Barnier said: “In these grave times, I have taken the decision and have the determination to stand … and be the president of a France that is reconciled, to respect the French and have France respected.”

There is only one downside to Barnier standing. Though he is well known in Britain and the EU, his presence isn’t that well known in his homeland of France. Despite Barnier previously holding ministerial office in the past, this pot shot to become French President will be the first time he steps foot into the limelight of domestic politics.

As it stands, Barnier would only hold eight percent of the vote if an election was held tomorrow. It is said that Barnier has upset the odds amongst those on the centre-right of French politics. A poll published by Challenges has Xavier Bertrand favourite to win the seat to become Centre-Right Candidate in the race.


Macron and Le Pen are said to be neck and neck at 24% of the vote. The polls also say that if the race were between Le Pen and Macron, Macron would win by 55% to 45%. As always, the votes are only as good as who they ask.

So far, Le Pen has a lot of momentum and is fastly gaining in the polls. Support for Le Pen may increase over the coming months if French President Macron allows another massive influx of migrants from Afghanistan.

Barnier will also go down the route as a hardliner on Immigration, hoping it will win him votes. In his pitch to the French people, Barnier said: “The President must lead, bring people, set a path towards the horizon, but he cannot do everything on his own,”

He also took a cheap shot at Macron, saying: The future President needs “strength, vision but also humility”, insisting France need to “limit and have control over immigration”.

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