Macrons sidekick demands Brussels to negotiate a new migration deal with the UK before the flood of Afghan Migrants cross into the EU.

Clement Beaune has enraged some Tory MPs after the French Presidents sidekick demands the Brussels to negotiate a new migration deal with the UK so more migrants can cross the Channel into Britain. 

The Taliban’s takeover of Kabul and surrounding areas has sparked fear that a tsunami of migrants from Afghanistan is on its way to EU borders. The French European Affairs Minister, Clement Beaune said that the UK should be forced to take its fair share of those who are coming. 

During a news interview on Wednesday, Mr Beaune said: “We must, after Brexit, have a new migratory deal no doubt between the EU and Britain so that we can expel, or direct a certain number of migrants to the UK so they can request asylum.”

“It’s [Britain’s] responsibility.”

“We have seen sometimes that it is the attractiveness of Britain’s asylum system that is in question.”

“We are the ones who have paid a high price over the past 10 years – we see it in Calais regarding organisation, humanitarian aid and police checks.”

With his remarks regarding sending Afghan migrants to Britain, some Tories were outraged with the demands. A source in the Tories told the Telegraph: “Monsieur Beanune needs his eyes testing.”

“Day after day, French boats are escorting migrants into UK waters.”

“We would love a new deal with the EU or France.”

“But so far, both are refusing to discuss it.”

“We are reforming the system through our New Plan for Immigration and would suggest that he has a read of that before making such nonsensical comments.”

Conservative member of the Commons home affairs committee, Tim Loughton, said: “Why am I not surprised?

“So here’s the deal.”

“They can send migrants to the UK to make their asylum applications so long as they immediately take back all of those who have their claims rejected and stop all those still trying to come illegally in small boats.”

Britannia News Comment: The EU knows that the UK is a soft touch when it comes to protecting the Channel border properly, hence why they know they can get away with these demands.

It does make you think if we have really left the EU, as it’s far too often the EU demands seem to be accepted by the UK, for example, the French demand more money to sort out their own Channel border and the UK pays the bill footed by the taxpayer costing tens of millions of pounds. 

Only time will tell if the UK protects its Channel border or will they just allow the French to send a massive tsunami of migrants to enter the Channel waters, heading to Britain. 

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