Pro Migration advocate states migrants coming to the UK “tend to subsidize the rest of us by paying more in than they take out.”

On GB news last night, there was a clash debate on whether the UK should take in more Migrants from Afghanistan. 

Mark Dolan asked the question: “Do people coming into this country, migrants into the UK, generate economic growth or do they cost the economy?”

Daniel Pryor from Adam Smith Institute stated that migrants into the UK are a net benefit, that they “tend to subsidize the rest of us by paying more in than they take out.”

Daniel Pryor went on to say the UK “could be much more generous than we have been”, comparing the current Afghan crisis to 1970 when we the Ugandans came to Britain. 

The pro-migration advocate then said that “the idea that we don’t have space in this country, in my opinion at least, it comes across as clearly ridiculous.”

To which GB News Presenter Mark Dolan soon hit back, saying: “We have land for sure. I mean, we don’t have a capacious amount of land, but you know, well over 85% of the UK is actually rural, and there’s potential for development.”

“And I think in a different conversation, we should be building as many new homes as possible for the people already here.”

“But the issue you’ve got is access to healthcare, GP surgeries, school places. These are big concerns of many people in many communities.”

Mark Nolan then said that the German population is meant to be shrinking, where in the UK, the population is set to boom.  

Mark continued to say: “Many economists make a correlation between the size of the population and also the age of its population and its economic growth. And many people expect Britain, not just to go past France, economically, but potentially catch Germany in the years ahead, partly because of the size of our population.”

Benjamin Loughnane, a research fellow from the Bow Group, answered the question by saying: “GDP isn’t the only question. We’ve also got quality of life.”

“We are quite a small nation, and population density is quite high, and there are strains on things like housing, but on the issue of the economy, which Daniel brought up, the cost of immigration to this country is about 4.3 billion a year. That’s the net figure.” 

“So it costs far more than what we gain from whatever benefits we gain from migration.”

People respond to Danial Pryor being on GB News

“The key issue here really is things like housing and resources, the NHS, etc. We can’t actually cope for the existing population at the moment.”

“So how can we continue to have an increase in the population of almost half a million every year.”

Britannia News Comment – The pro-migration lobby always seem to use past events to justify events of today. The only problem is that they’re missing one vital piece of information: population size.  

According to official population stats, in 1970, we had 55.55 million people in Britain. And according to population growth figures in 2019, the population had grown to 66.65 million, that’s an increase of 11 million in the last 50 years. 

This is why services are under pressure due to rapid population inflation, outmatching the available services. Even though this is an alarming rate of population inflation, the pro-migration lobby still wants more migrants in the UK. 

What’s your thought on this? Are we overpopulated as a nation? Should we take in more migrants/ refugees from Afghanistan? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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