Patrick Christys destroys Biden with this three-minute rant “Never before have we seen a US President so openly not give a stuff about Great Britain.”

Today, GB News host Patrick Christys has slammed the US President Joe Biden, saying the special relationship between the UK and the US is over while the current administration is in place.

During his show this morning, Patrick Christys didn’t hold back as he went on a three-minute rant slamming the current US administration regarding Afghanistan.

Mr Christys set off saying, “I don’t think it was a particularly special relationship. It was more like an abusive partnership.”

Christys then exposed the reality of the situation, saying: “Never before have we seen a US President so openly not give a stuff about Great Britain”.

This comment was made in reaction to Joe Biden not telling Boris that he would be pulling out of Afghanistan. Instead, he just pulled out, and then he went into hiding, refusing calls when world leaders contacted him.

With Joe Biden openly declaring himself to be a “mild-mannered Uber liberal” who claims to “care about women’s rights”, Mr Christys again went on the attack saying if Biden cared about women’s rights, why has he “left millions of Afghan women to be sold into sex slavery”?


Patrick Christys finished his rant by depicting how America is viewed globally with Biden at the helm. Mr Christys said: It “Feels like a superpower on the slide, eating itself alive with a race-related civil war led by a man who often forgets who he’s talking to.”

“If anything, I think Joe Biden has done everyone a favour. He’s dispelled the myth that orange man bad he’s handed the next election to Trump on a silver platter. America is now an international laughingstock run by a man that nobody seems to respect.”

What are your thoughts regarding Patrick Christs Rant? Is he right to vent his anger at the situation, or do you think Biden is the best thing since sliced bread and people are too harsh on him?

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