Labours David Lammy labels Dominic Raab “a catastrophic joke who should be sacked”.

David Lammy attacks Dominic Raab on Twitter.

Labours David Lammy has taken to Twitter to slam the Foreign Secretary calling him a joke, saying he should be sacked from his job. 

Lammy’s response was to a small 9-second clip, which he posted on Twitter showing the Foreign Secretary defended himself over claims made by the opposition that he was on the beach in bathing gear. At the same time, the Taliban crisis erupted in Afghanistan. 

The Home Secretary said: “I was engaged in meetings.”

“The stuff about me lounging around the beach all day, nonsense. The stuff about me paddle boarding, nonsense. The sea was actually closed. There was actually a red notice.”

With Dominic Raab defending himself, Lammy decided to write a rant on Twitter that really didn’t make sense. 

Tammy said: “The Foreign Secretary, who only recently learned that Britain is an island, declares “the Sea was actually closed” in defence of his decision to stay on holiday as the Taliban advanced on Kabul. Dominic Raab is a catastrophic joke who should be sacked.

With this statement, some decided to blast Lammy in his comments. 

One said: “Keep it up, you’ll never get to be in government…….. you’re not even an effective opposition 🤣”

Another said: “You’re calling Raab a joke🤣🤣🤣. That’s the height of hypocrisy.”

A third said: “Britain is not an island. Great Britain is an island. UK shares islands with other countries. Failure to understand that is causing issues for Brexit.”

What are your thoughts on this? Should Lammy and his party be sacked for being a useless opposition? Click agree or disagree emoji below. 

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