Hypocrite Remainer Rory Stewart slams the UK for pulling out of Afghanistan while video emerges showing him questioning the UK’s existence in the war-torn country.

In recent days Rory Stewart has been receiving praise for his harsh criticism regarding the withdrawal of the UK and US troops from Afghanistan. 

The former Tory leadership contender slammed the US, saying: “The United States provided all the air support for the Afghans.”


“They didn’t just take their own planes away, and they took away 16,000 civilian contractors who were maintaining the Afghan helicopters.”

“They didn’t even tell the commander they were leaving.”

During an interview with Politics Joe, Rory said: “If you’re genuinely asking [the Afghan soldiers] to put up a suicidal fight when the United States and Britain was not even prepared to keep 2,500 soldiers and some planes in the country, with zero casualties, zero risks over the last few years […] this has been an extraordinary betrayal.”

Though Rory has come out harsh on the west for removing itself from Afghanistan, Rory Himself has been found to be a hypocrite after an unearthed video showed him asking, “why are we still in Afghanistan”.

During the Ted Talks video, Rory Stewart said: “Why are we still in Afghanistan one decade later?”

“Afghanistan does not pose an existential threat to global security.”

“It is extremely unlikely the Taliban would ever be able to take over the country, extremely unlikely they would be able to seize Kabul.”


“They simply don’t have a conventional military option.”

In his speech, Rory continues his questioning, saying we have been in Afghanistan for too long and need to change the approach. Rory said: “Why are we spending $135billion? Why have we got 130,000 troops on the ground?”

“Why were more people killed last month than in any preceding month of this conflict?”

“How has this happened?”

Britannia News Comment: Yet again, we seem to have found another glory hunter who questioned our existence in Afghanistan while saying it’s wrong to leave Afghanistan. You can’t have it both ways, Rory. 

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