Extinction Rebellion activist claims we need to stop causing harm to the environment before it “FRIES” us.

In an interview with LBC, Extinction Rebellion activist Dr Rupert Read claimed we needed to stop causing harm to the environment or risk being fired. 

LBC Presenter Nick Ferrari asked the XR activist this question: “I have to tell you that were their representatives of UK government here, doctor, he, she would be saying that new climate change commitments will set this country to be on course to cut carbon emissions by 78%. 

“By 2035, there will be more electric cars, low carbon heating, renewable electricity, and an emphasis to cut down the consumption of products, such as meat and dairy.”

“I’ll stop there, but you know where I’m going. They would point to this raft of measures, doctor. What more can they do?”

The extreme environmentalist then went on a rant, saying: “What can they do? They can stop causing harm no to new coal in this country.”

“No to new oil, no to new runways at airports, no to HS2, no to a huge new roads program.”

“This government has no credibility on this issue. If they want to have credibility, they need to say, no, we’re not going to open that new coal mine. We’re not going to have new north sea oil because our children are going to suffer from every bit of that fossil fuel that goes into the atmosphere, and that fries us all.”


Britannia News Comment – This shows that no matter what the government does to try and please these extreme environmentalists, they always want more. 

The UK produces 1.1% of the worlds greenhouse emissions, yet china produces 28%. Why are these activists not in China protesting their point there, especially when they emit 28 times more emissions than what the UK produces?  

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