Boris hopes to woo Biden with his Green agenda hoping it will secure a trade deal with the US.

Kwasi Kwarteng (Business Secretary) believes a trade deal with the US may be within reach. The Business Secretary has urged US President Joe Biden to find common ground with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which he believes will open the door to a trade agreement.

Though Biden and Boris dont see eye to eye, especially regarding Afghanistan, they do have common ground regarding the so-called climate crisis, which seems to be the next agenda being pushed by the world elite. 

Mr Kwarteng told the Express: “Clearly, we didn’t always see eye-to-eye with the Trump administration on net-zero and decarbonisation.”

“By contrast, Joe Biden and his climate envoy John Kerry are very much behind this agenda.”

“I saw John Kerry when he came into London, and he was very enthusiastic about what the UK was doing.”

“We have some of the most ambitious targets, and that goes an awful long way.”

Mr Kwarteng believes the US President will be very impressed with the UK pushing ahead with an ambitious Green target when they meet in Scotland in November for the UN Conference. 

Kwarteng said: “Even as late as 2012, 40 percent of our electricity was coming from coal-fired power stations.”

“Today, less than 10 years later, that figure is less than two percent.”

“By 2024, it will be zero – we have come an awfully long way in decarbonisation.”

“We’ve come a long way to decarbonising.”

“Compare it to Germany, where they say their coal phase-out will be in 2038.” 

Britannia News Comment – While the UK Government boasts about having the most radical Green agenda in the world, this will come at a high cost to the general person in the street when it comes to paying your energy bills. 

According to government figures, the bill to foot emissions reduction will cost the taxpayer £651 billion over the next 30 years

The UK is ranked 17th in the world, producing 1.1% of global emissions, compared to 28% of the global emissions made by China. Yet the UK has to most agressive Green agenda.

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