Alleged Iranian Channel trafficker kingpin gets extradited to France to face human trafficking and negligent manslaughter accusations.

Yesterday, the identity of an alleged leader of a cross-Channel Migrant smuggling operation was be revealed.

Rauf Perot Rahimifar (37), an Iranian asylum seeker in Denmark, was yesterday in court accused of having a lead role in hundreds of crossings, including that which claimed the life of baby Artin Iran-Nejad, 15 months old who died off the coast of Dunkirk along-side his mother, father, and two siblings last October.

Rahimifar, who was staying in Viborg, Denmark, was accused of organising the Channel crossings.

Sources in Britain and France claimed that the father-of-3 was involved in smuggling people across the English Channel.

The Daily Mail claims to have seen Danish court documents that contain Rahimifar’s phone records. These records allegedly show that Rahimifar made frequent trips from Denmark to Northern France to supervise the beginning of the crossings.

According to the documents, his role was to purchase and transport the boats used to allow illegal migrants to cross the Channel into Britain.

Danish police raided Rahimifar home, in June after they received a European arrest warrant.

Yesterday Judge Kirsten Maigaard said that he should be extradited to France to face accusations of human trafficking and negligent manslaughter.