“We need a callsign” EX-Royal Marine slams UK Defence Secretary after a crowd funded flight to evacuate he and his staff is denied access to land.

EX-Royal Marine Pen Farthing has today hit out at the defence Secretary after his crowd-funded charter plane was denied access to land at Kabul airport so he and his staff could evacuate safely from Afghanistan.

In an interview with Sky News, Pen Farthing said that he could get to the Airport safely, but he needed the Defence Secretary to grant the plane to land in Kabul.

In a plea to the Tory MP and Defence Minister Ben Wallace, Pen Farthing said that if he couldn’t get on the flight with his pets, then he would put down his pets on the side of the runway.


This comment made by Pen was after the Defence Secretary accused the EX-Royal Marine of placing animals above people, which Pen flat out denied.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace claimed that allowing the plane to land would slow down the evacuation process for everyone due to gates being overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to leave Kabul.

In the Sky Interview, Pen Farthing said: “That’s my problem. I’ll be in the Airport, and I shall be there with my staff and with my animals.”

“And if he doesn’t allow me to get on the aircraft, then I will have to put all of my dogs and cats asleep on the runway.”

“So I’m going to get into that Airport. Is he going to tell me not to now?

“He’s just told me to get to the airport, and I’m taking my staff and my animals with me; it’s that simple.”

“I’m not being dictated to by an MP just because he actually has completely failed this operation to get people off the ground.”

“We are going to end up leaving people behind, this whole thing is absolutely just a disaster.”

“So I’m getting to the airport, and I shall be in there with my staff and the animals, we’ve got a flight, we need a callsign.”



“If he doesn’t bring that to us, then he will be leaving us at that airport.”

“I’m absolutely disgusted with him; I can’t believe he just said that, he’s picked on the wrong person – I’m not backing down, No way.”

In a separate interview with the EX-Royal Marine, Mr Farthing said: “It’s a privately funded aircraft, I only want to take out 69 people, and the cargo hold is empty, so we’re going to put dogs and cats into it.”

“No taxpayer money will go into this. We’ve got 130 spare seats on that aircraft we can fill with people entitled to come to Britain.”

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