Police warn of mass disruption in London after Extinction Rebellion takes to the streets to protest against climate change for 14 days.

London readies itself for significant disruption in the Capital as Police warn Extinction Rebellion will be protesting in the Capital and that their role to stop crime in London will be disrupted due to mass protests.

The Protest is said to be taking place over two weeks across strategic parts of the Capital to bring maximum disruption yet gaining maximum coverage.

The same group did the same mass Protest, which saw central London being brought to a standstill for 11 days in 2019.

It’s said the radical environmentalists would be protesting in the financial district of the Capital. The group accuses financial firms of funding to fuel climate change.

The group has said they have spoken to the police about their presence, but they will not give away their specific protest plans.


XR said: “We’ve made it quite clear that we’ve notified the police about what we’re doing, that we’ve got a rebellion made up of separate actions,”

Paul Stephens, who is a former police officer and now Extinction Rebellion activist, told reporters. “We’re not telling them details.”

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