Former Trump Spokesman states the Taliban know Biden won’t step up. “He doesn’t invoke fear among our enemies”

Last night Former Trump spokesperson Jason Miller was interviewed, giving his views regarding Afghanistan and Joe Biden. 

Jason was asked what he thought of Donald Trump’s tone after Trump slammed Biden over his handling of the US removal from Afghanistan. 

Mr Miller stated: “Well, this is really what President Trump’s superpower was going back to 2016 when he beat Hillary Clinton.”

“The fact that using language that’s much, much closer to what regular people use, very non-politician type language is how he sends that message. That he’s not the politician. He’s not the part of the problem.”


The former Trump spokesman was then asked if Trump reputation had been damaged, seeming he was the one that got the ball rolling with this deal. 

Mr Miller responded, saying: “One of the things that President Trump did is that he set really the terms that he was going to get the us out of Afghanistan, but he was going to do it smartly.”

“In fact, he was going to get the people out, get Americans out, get those who’d been supportive of the US efforts and the coalition efforts, get those people out. People who’ve been interpreters, loyal allies, things like that.” 

“But he also had had a very tough talk with the leader of the Taliban and said, if you come into Kabul and you start killing people, you start massacring people. I’m going to drop a bomb on your head. Now that might not be the most diplomatic way to go and phrase it. But guess what? The Taliban understood that. 

Jason Miller then hit the nail on the head, saying the Taliban just doesn’t fear Biden or his rhetoric. He is seen as a weak and none aggressive President, something the Taliban takes for granted. 

Jason said: “With Joe Biden, they know that he’s just not going to step up. He doesn’t invoke fear among our enemies or a sense of loyalty among our allies, and that’s really the key problem right now.”


“And it’s part of the reason why President Trump is seeing this resurgence, just only a few months after he left the white house.”

Britannia News Comment – whichever way you look at this situation, it sounds scripted, soft, baseless, and empty when Biden speaks. 

This attitude has left the US looking more of a once world power, not a leading world power. It does make you think with Biden’s family ties to the CCP, is Joe Biden in the pocket of China? After all, China did move in seeking a meeting with the Taliban only hours after the Taliban took Kabul. Coincidence? I think not. 

What’re your thoughts on this? ‘Have your say in the comments below. 

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