Lammy turns a debate on Afghanistan into a Brexit ping pong match in an attempt to defend the US President.

David Lammy LBC Brexiteer Dominic Raab Boris Johnson

As David Lammy tried to blame Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab for what’s happened in Afghanistan, a caller who phoned into Lammys radio show on LBC defended the PM and the Foreign Secretary saying Biden is to blame for the mess.

The caller who’s name was Vincent said: “I don’t think your attention should be on Boris Johnson or Dominic Raab but instead Joe Biden because he is the one who called the decision.”

Lammy responded, saying: “I just want to check this, what was your position on Brexit and leaving the European Union?”

The caller hit back saying: “We are not talking about Brexit.”

Mr Lammy pressed the caller: “This is my show and I want to ask you some questions.”

Vincent returned: “Yes, but what is your show about? Afghanistan?”

Lammy said: “Vincent, I just want to know, something you said has provoked me.”

Vincent then continued to explain: “My position on Brexit – not that it has anything to do with Afghanistan – was to leave.”

Mr Lammy reacted saying: “So, Vincent, you are clear that we are an independent nation.”

“You said I should be talking about Joe Biden, I was also disappointed by Joe Biden and his speech.”

“But who is our foreign secretary? You voted for us to leave, we are an independent country, our foreign secretary is on a beach, and you are saying it’s fine.”

Britannia News Comment – Only Lammy, who thought soldiers fort in the Second World War to save the European Union could bring Brexit into a debate which his previous party leader sparked. 


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