Bradford councillor says he isn’t standing in the next election, slamming Keir Starmer, demanding him to “consider his position” and stand down.

A Labour councillor in Bradford who has been in his position for eight years has decided to not run in the next election partly due to Keir Starmer’s leadership. 

The Thornton and Allerton Ward councillor slammed the party leaders, saying his leadership has seen the decline in what Labour stands for as a party and “it is time for action to be taken.” 

Richard Dunbar, who represents the Thornton and Allerton Ward on Bradford Council, has called for Keir Starmer to “consider his position” and stand down. 

With this, Mr Dunbar asks, “Will Keir put his own interests ahead of the party and the country at large?”.


In a statement on Yorkshire Live, the Labour councillor said: “The last 17 months have been a real challenge for everyone, but I must say I am deeply disappointed in the performance of the leader of the official opposition.”

“For all the talk of levelling up and providing ‘new leadership’, it pains me to say that all we have had is an attack on party democracy and no policy programme that gives local communities and the country at large the hope it so desperately needs.”

“I think the time has come for Keir Starmer to consider his position.”

“For me, this has never been about one man. But it is about ideology and what we fundamentally stand for as a party.”

“When people are openly saying they no longer know what Labour stands for, then it is time for action to be taken.”


“Will Keir put his own interests ahead of the party and the country at large?

“I will not leave Labour – I will stay, and I will organise for us to be much better than we are at present.”

Britannia News Comment – Speaking to local Labour and supporters around the Wigan area, the feeling is mutual. Many members are saying Starmer is a pretty face but hasn’t got the making of a PM. They also say they are running out of time to find ways to push what Labour stand for. 

Though many in Labour Wigan disagreed with Jeremy Corbyn, they do admit that at least you understood what Corbyn stood for, not only as a leader but as a party. As it stands, many in Labour say they feel deflated and rudderless. 

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