Soliders save baby from being crushed at Kabul airport.

Even though Boris Johnson is saying things are getting ‘slightly better’ and they see a ‘stabilisation at the airport’, the latest reports coming out of Kabul are Grimm.

The latest report from Sky News suggests it’s been the worse day by far. Reports suggest many people are being crushed at the front of the queue at Kabul Airport, some dying due to the pressure, heat and being attacked by Taliban militants.

A video below that’s gone viral shows a baby being passed up to soldiers from the crushed crowd below. The baby was taken by soldiers and passed over the barbed wire to safety. The Sky News reporter from Kabul does mention this event in his report.


The Sky reporter suggests “hardened soldiers” have said: It’s the “worst thing they have ever seen in their entire career”.

Boris gives his update yesterday evening.

Britannia News Comment – Whoever we listen to, we seem to be getting different stories about what is happening in Afghanistan. Firstly, the PM plays down the reality as would any PM do to keep people calm, but when reports show videos on what’s happening on the ground, it doesn’t give much confidence in the words spoken. I believe the situation will only get worse as time runs out to exit Afghanistan on UK and US planes. 

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