Italy’s Salvini refuses to have an open door to potential terroists from Afghanistan.

Salvini continued saying, but they will not open the door to thousands of fighting age males as it may cause a security threat to the county’s safety going forward. 

The previous interior minister has fought against the mass immigration of African economic migrants into Italy. Salvini continues to be hardline on this as he doesn’t want to see another invasion of migrants the likes he saw back in 2015 when the conflict in Syria erupted. 

On Wednesday last week, Salvini tweeted, “#Afghanistan: humanitarian corridors for women and children in danger certainly yes. Doors open for thousands of men, including potential terrorists, absolutely not.”

This messaged was backed by political leaders from across the EU.

Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister said: “Poland defended itself against the wave of refugees in 2015, and it will defend itself again now.”

In France, Marine Le Pen also commented: “There is no doubt that this [Afghan] situation will present our country with an increased risk of attacks and the prospect of new waves of immigration.”

What’re your thoughts on this? Do you back the move by Salvini?

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