“America’s greatest embarrassment” – Trump Slams Biden over Afghan removal humiliation.

Donald Trump publically slammed Joe Bidens Troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, describing the event as “America’s greatest embarrassment”.

The former US President was on Fox News publically slamming “sleepy” Joe Biden and the Afghan army, saying they only fought for a paycheck funded by the US, not out of love for their homeland.

In the interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Trump said: “It is a terrible time for our country. I don’t think in all of the years our country has ever been so humiliated. I don’t know what you call it – a military defeat or a psychological defeat. There has never been anything like what’s happened here: You can go back to Jimmy Carter with the hostages.”

With pictures circulating showing Americans not being evacuated as Joe Biden promised, Afghan Refugees took their place. Trump made it clear that he is always “AMERICA FIRST”.

Trump continues saying: “The Americans come out first. But we’re also going to help people that helped us, and we have to be very careful with the vetting because we have some rough people in there.”

“What we were going to do is take the military out last, ok, last!”

He emphasised that another top priority was removing military equipment “because I knew that they weren’t going to fight”.

Trump continued: “I knew that they weren’t going to fight… The fact is, they are among the highest-paid soldiers in the world.”

“They were doing it for a paycheque because once we stopped, once we left, they stopped fighting so all the talk of the bravery and everything, the fact is that our country was paying the Afghan soldiers a fortune, so we were sort of bribing them to fight, and that’s not what it’s all about.”

“It’s a great thing that we’re getting out, but nobody has ever handled a withdrawal worse than Joe Biden. This is the greatest embarrassment, I believe, in the history of our country.”

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