Tony Blair wades in on climate change row with his reports saying we need to cut down on travel and change the way we eat. 

TONY BLAIR has now waded into the climate change debate, with a think tank run by the former Prime Minister urging Britons to cut down on flying and driving vehicles.

Tonys report states: “It is not necessary for everyone to stop flying – in fact, we need to reduce average kilometres travelled per person by plane by around six percent between 2019 and 2035.

“We do not all need to become vegetarian; on the CCC’s pathway, meat and dairy consumption reduces by around 20 percent in 15 years.

“We do not need to stop using cars – kilometres travelled per driver need fall by only around five percent.

“This is not, of course, to argue that there may not be other reasons to advocate for more significant behaviour change – but it is not required to meet net-zero.”

Source: ‘Cut down on flying and driving!’ Now Tony Blair wades into huge climate change row


Britannia News Comment: It seems Tony Blair has correctly predicted Covid Passports being introduced back in July 2020. During his covid passport comment, he also stated that ID cards should be introduced to prevent illegal migration. Now Tony is predicting that we need to cut down on the food we eat, and how we travel. 

It makes you think if Tony’s correct predictions are random, or is he influencing government policy? 

It also makes you think if the continuous flood of illegal migrants being allowed to enter our country is a deliberate visual way to provoke the acceptance of Tony’s ID cards by the masses, after all, he did mention ID Cards being introduced to stop illegal migration? 

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