“The Taliban are calling all the shots” thanks to Biden. Andrew Neil slams Biden’s Afghan exit strategy

Andrew Neil slammed Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. He claimed that the Taliban held the US President ‘hostage’ by controlling the routes to Kabul’s airport.

Mr Neil even stated that rumours were floating around that the US has been forced to purchase fuel from the Taliban to aid evacuation.

In the surprise appearance on the top rating Nigel Farage show, Andrew Neil said: “It’s only just beginning, If you are an Afghan translator or someone who is helping the Allied Forces, the British or the Americans or the French or whatever.

“Getting through to the airport, the Taliban are controlling access to the airport.”

“At the moment, in a sense, as we speak tonight, the Taliban are holding President Biden hostage.”

“There was even a rumour in the Pentagon this afternoon that the Americans had to buy fuel for their aircraft from the Taliban.”

“The Taliban are calling all the shots and for the world’s only superpower that is an ignominious and shameful position to be in.”

Andrew Neil continued slamming Biden on his foreign policy choices that he took, but didn’t have to take. 

Mr Neil said: “This is a man who prides himself on his acumen on foreign policy and depicted Donald Trump as a kind of barbarian in the room who didn’t understand any kind of foreign policy.”

“Now the deal that Mr Trump did with the Taliban I think was a very bad deal and it shouldn’t have been done particularly letting out 5000 very bad guys from prison.”


“But Joe Biden didn’t have to continue with that, Joe Biden didn’t have to see that deal through, he could have changed it, there was Nigel, a bipartisan group called the Afghan Study Group that was set up by Congress made up of Republicans and Democrats.”

“They said look, things aren’t going quite well at the moment, life has been returning to normal, it’s not a basket case, if we could keep about 4,500 troops to give backbone to the Afghan army.”

“Provide Intel, and above all provide air cover, we can make this work, this can work and yet for the life of me Biden wouldn’t go down that road.”

“I think, you know he was playing politics, the midterm elections coming up, he could lose the Senate, he could lose the House, that tends to happen in early elections and he wants to be able to say I’m the one that got us out of Afghanistan.”

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