Manchester Residents react to 1,000 Afghan refugees being housed by Labour run council, while those on the streets stuggle to seek shelter.

Manchester Labour-run council has welcomed more than 1,000 Afghan Refugees; despite previously telling locals and the homeless looking for homes, there aren’t any accommodations available.

Over recent days, the UK Government has been scrambling to evacuate people from Afghanistan due to a Taliban take over.

Now the refugees from Afghanistan are in Britain, councils up and down the country have been called upon to supply homes for the refugees.

Manchester residents have kicked off on social media after reports that three hotels in Manchester have been booked to temporarily house the refugees with taxpayers money while homes are prepared to accommodate them permanently.

Many comments show people saying if there is money available to house refugees, then there should be money available to house those seeking accommodation.

Britannia News Comment: While housing may be needed to house those coming in from Afghanistan, what is heartbreaking for the locals is double standards from those in charge (Labour-run council). First of all, if there is money found to house refugees, then there should be money found to house the homeless, something Labour’s Andy Burnham promised when he walked into the job of Mayor of Greater Manchester. People want to see those in need kept safe, but reality needs to play a part going forward. 

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