‘ITS NOT WORKING’ Extention looms as Frost set to ignite new Brexit row over hated Protocol deal.

A MAJOR Brexit battle is at risk of breaking out over the Northern Ireland Protocol as the UK Government could demand an extension to grace periods for key products which expire next month.

The EXPRESS claim sources say: We are aware of the upcoming deadline so are looking at various options.

“We have made clear the Northern Ireland Protocol is not working in its current form and are working in partnership with the European Commission to hopefully make changes that remain consistent with the Good Friday Agreement.”.

Source: It’s NOT working! Fresh Brexit battle looms as Frost set to ignite new row over hated deal


Britannia News Comment – I think the whole country can get behind the notion that the Northern Ireland Protocol was set up to favour the EU, not the UK. Instead, it’s damaging the UK while giving too much power to the EU over a part of the United Kingdom.

It’s clear that the EU is doing their best to break up the UK by trying to annex Northern Ireland, using the protocol as their weapon to achieve their goal. There can be as many extensions to the protocol as they want; doing so shows the Protocol isn’t working and needs to be scrapped.

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