“HOW DARE YOU” Lady loses it after Tory MP James Cleverly fails to answer questions regarding the UK’s Afghan exit strategy.

James Cleverly MP Question Time Afghanistan

Last night on Question Time, a lady asked numerous times why the government’s exit strategy from Afghanistan was such a failure? 

The Middle East Minister James Cleverly attempted to answer the questions asked but was wide of the mark each time. 

The QT audience member then re-asked the question, this time asking why are you not answering the questions I asked?

After a third attempt to answer the questions put to him, the lady in the audience shouted, “HOW DARE YOU”.


Britannia News Comment: After reviewing the footage, the Tory MP does attempt to answer the question but with vague answers regarding events that happened months ago and not about the recent events. 

I could see why the lady was annoyed after James tried to continue speaking over people after serving filler to waste time instead of answering the questions about recent events. 

A politician’s common practice is to serve filler mixed with some truths to pass the time and avoid fully answering the question. It is pretty cringeworthy to view. 

With passions running high, I think James was caught out on this occasion. 

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