$169MILLION MISSING – Tory MP slams the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, saying he should be “Hunted Down” and “Should be made an example of!”

No-nonsense Tory MP Andrew Bridgen has publically slammed the former Afghan President after it was alleged he flew away on his helicopter carrying $169million seeking sanctuary in Dubai.

The Tory MP said: “The moment that Ashraf Ghani, the then President of Afghanistan left the country…if the reports are anything like true that he left with $169m in cash, the world community should come together.”

“He should be hunted down.”

“That money should be taken from him, and that should be channelled through NGO charities to benefit the people it was supposed to benefit, which is the Afghan people when they need it.”

“And he should be made an example of.”


Since the Tory MP made this statement, Twitter has taken down the Former Afghan Presidents Twitter accounts. There are new allegations that the money was a payoff, and now they are trying to erase his presence online, including social media, after he fled the country.

The Taliban social media channels continue to be open on most platforms.

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