WATCH – Desmond Swayne Slams Keir Starmer, saying if the UK were under a take over by a brutal regime, Keir would be on the first plane out of the UK.

Keir Starmer today responded to Desmond Swayne, who suggested during a Parliament debate on AFGHANISTAN, if a similar take over of the UK happened like what’s happening in Afghanistan, Keir wouldn’t stay and fight to free Britain. Instead, he would be on the first plane out of the UK.

The Conservative MP said: “If the Government of this kingdom were overthrown by a wicked and brutal regime.”

“I venture he would want a leading role in the resistance. He wouldn’t be queuing at the airport, would he?”

Keirs face dropped. He then tried to respond with force, saying: “When I was director of Public Prosecutions, I had some of my prosecutors in Afghanistan, at huge risk, working on counterterrorism with other brave souls there.”

“So I won’t take that from him or anybody else.”


Britannia News Comment – Whichever way you look at it, Desmond Swayne has a point. Keir isn’t for Britain, and to be honest, I could see Keir Starmer being on the first plane out of the UK while others fought for freedom.

If im honest, id could even see him criticising those doing their best from afar. I know this is a hypothetical scenario, but it’s worth a thought.

What’re your thoughts? Could you see Keir and many others of the Labour Party fleeing the UK as desmond stated? or was Mr Swayne out of line to say what he said?

Have your say in the comments.

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