Tory MP Desmond Swayne tells GB News, “BRITAIN IS FULL.”

In an interview with GB News, Desmond Swayne recites what he said to the opposition leader and Shoots down what some of his colleagues who have been demanding the government to fling open Britains borders to anyone who wants to come. 

Desmond finishes his interview saying 20,000 over five years is reasonable, but to have an open door is wrong. “Britain is full”.

Britannia News Comment – Desmond Swayne is right. We are a small, heavily populated island with only so much capacity to help. We have a housing shortage/crisis and for some MP’s to suggest we should have an open-door policy for anyone who claims to be from Afghanistan is not only wrong, it gives false hope to those who want to come to the UK. What’re your thoughts? Leave your comments below.

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