Keir Starmer in meltdown after red wall voters could continue to back Boris leaving Labour in the gutter.

SIR KEIR Starmer’s Labour Party is paying the price for treating its core voters with “contempt”, and now has a “mountain to climb” if it is ever to get back into Government, a prominent Brexiteer and party member has said. – THE EXPRESS

Source: Keir Starmer warned Red Wall could back Boris again after Labour Party ‘contempt’

BRITANNIA NEWS COMMENTThe problem with Labour is the people running Labour in Parliament. It’s clear the Labour party do not stand up for British values of fair play and its history. Instead, we, the British Public, get nailed for tax whilst seeing our hard-earned tax money being given to people who break the law by coming into the UK illegally.

Even when the current government try to deport foreign criminals, Labour-supporting organisations are at the forefront, take it upon themselves to prevent the removal of foreign criminals, keeping them in the UK, again at the taxpayer’s expense.

Then we have Sadiq Khan, the ‘DO NOTHING’ Mayor of London whose crime figures are off the charts. He also takes delight in setting up groups to look into removing British artefacts from the streets of London in case it hurts some justice warriors feelings.

When you look at the grand scale, there is simply nothing Pro British they support, which will be extremely hard to shake off for a long time to come. People have woken up to their games of playing for votes, and it’s not working.

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