WOKE mob strikes again, this time they target a small statue above a clock in a small Cotswolds Village.

Blackboy clock

The latest target of the woke mob is a tiny statue of an African Boy that stands over a clock in a small Cotswolds village. The WOKE mob believe it is racist and want it removed.

With the public familiar with cancel culture, it comes as no surprise the WOKE mob has once again raised its ugly head. Using tactics to remove historical monuments and works of art has become their forte since George Floyd’s death last year.

The council have confirmed they have received complaints about the small Statue of a young African boy above the clock tower in Stroud.

Local councillors have now begun to weigh up the options regarding the Statue, which dates back to 1774. It was initially installed under a clock by a local watchmaker.

A local Artist, Dan Guthrie, sent the original complaint to the council after he was outraged seeing the Statue: “My eyes lock onto the Blackboy clock every time I turn the corner onto Castle Street,” said Guthrie.”

“The boy has huge red lips and is wearing a golden leaf skirt – and he is weirdly enslaved to the clock mechanism when it’s working.”

 “It is an offensive racist relic from the transatlantic slave trade, and the fact that it is still up in Stroud is a mystery to me.”

It wasn’t long after the council received the complaint did the council cave in. 

The council chose to have a pop at the Statue that has been there for over 200 years. 

The council’s conclusion of the report read: “The Blackboys clock and its associated statue is one of the country’s few examples of a Jacquemart, or Jack clock.”

“It is of high horological significance in technical and design terms, as well in terms of rarity value.”

“The clock and statue form part of the original architectural intent of the Grade II listed former National School, now Blackboy House.”

“They are noted in Historic England’s list description, and so have been deemed to make a strong contribution to the building’s special architectural interest.”

“The clock and Statue have been in Stroud for approximately 240 years. The clock and associated Statue, therefore, can be considered to have an historic interest as lasting features within the life and fabric of the town.”

Dan Guthrie local artist who complained about the statue.

“However, there is, without any doubt, an association, either directly, or indirectly, with the slave trade and colonialism, and this cannot be ignored.”

This report has been prepared by Kate Russell, Specialist Conservation Officer, with additional research by Dan Guthrie, in order to assess the significance of the clock and associated Statue at Blackboy House, Castle Street, Stroud.”

What’re your thoughts on this? ‘should the Statue be removed? 

3 thoughts on “WOKE mob strikes again, this time they target a small statue above a clock in a small Cotswolds Village.

  1. All of this WOKE brigade need putting to bed once and for all. This idiots Dan Guthrie is a total disgrace to the UK and should really consider leaving the country that has been so good to him all his life from his first breath to now. He is a total disgrace to art, he is a total disgrace to the history of the locality and he is a total disgrace to the history of the UK. Yet another clown whose forefathers came to the UK and we welcomed them with open arms. They in turn bred a thing like this. The UK spent money on trying to educate this thing, and further, they contributed to him to learn what he wanted. Regardless that by the looks of him, he has only produced total trash, trash that belongs on the rubbish heap. Maybe he should seriously consider going back to his ancestral roots, those roots that are not in the UK. The people of the UK, not the stupid, pathetic brain washed rubbish of the WOKE Brigade, I am talking about the decent people of the UK should in the future totally shun any works by this idiot and his followers. I am not a racist by any means, I just detest the WOKE Brigade and everything about this BLM crap, absolutely nothing to do with Floyd’s death in any shape or form. This is also nothing to do with the slave trade either, it is all because of idiots like this and their wayward and irrational thoughts. This idiot and his playmates need to understand, the slave trades were started off by an African and what is more, them money that flowed into the UK all that time ago, has put the likes of these idiots through the education system. Regardless if they learned anything or not, the state still put them through WITHOUT any though for the colour of his or their skins. This shower and all the others really need to grow up and learn some history. As it is, the statue must at all costs remain exactly where it is. Shame on any local authority that takes any notice of these idiots. Tell the lot of them to go away and we do not wish to hear from you again.

  2. Well we in England do Not believe its Racist for a small Cotswold village in England to have a tiny statue of a African boy above a clock, These Woke Mobs should not be allowed to Intimidate or Scare the People who live there, Its nothing to do with anyone who doesn’t live there, They should mind their own Business.

  3. Why move the Statue just for the sake of 1 or 2 people of Woke mindset who carry big Chips on their Shoulders, These people are sad individuals who have Nothing better to do except go round the Country pointing at different statues and shouting Woke is me, oh Woke is me.

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