SNP side with the EU, demanding the UK to re-engage with talks in good faith with Brussels.

Ministers from the SNP have called on the UK to “re-engage” with the EU regarding the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which was signed at the end of 2020.

After a series of events this week that were attributed to the UK’s exit from the European Union, the SNP appealed for help.

Edinburgh increased pressure on London to urgently take policy action after crunch talks between Brexit minister Lord Frost and External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson. 

Road Haulage Association (RHA) warned this week that it faces a shortage of 100,000 drivers. Many drivers have returned to EU countries, causing food shortages in key supermarkets.


Statistics released this week showed that the number of European students who were accepted into a course at a university in Scotland was more than half as many last year because of Brexit.

UCAS reports that the number of European students who applied to study in Scotland has fallen by 56 percent in comparison to 2020.

Another analysis done by the House of Commons Library revealed that Brexit is causing the whisky industry to lose £5 million per week.

Data also showed UK’s export of whiskies to the EU between January and May 2021 was £105.7 million lower than January-May 2019 

In a statement, the Scottish Government said: “These issues are a consequence of the UK Government’s decision to leave not just the European Union but the single market and customs union, a move Scottish people emphatically rejected at the EU referendum.”

“The Scottish Government is using all the levers at its disposal to help exporters overcome these unprecedented challenges and, through its export growth plan, A Trading Nation, is driving continued internationalisation of businesses in Scotland.”

“Officials regularly raise with the UK Government the negative impacts that the Trade and Cooperation Agreement is having on businesses in Scotland and will continue to do so to protect business interests.”

“The UK Government should re-engage in good faith with the EU to find pragmatic solutions.”

“Where these create additional new costs or obstacles, the UK Government needs to be honest about their impact and clear on additional support it will provide.”

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