Brexiteer John Redwood slams the EU for trying to smash the UK Internal Market – We’ve “got to take unilateral action”.

In an interview with GB News, John Redwood slams the EU, exposing their aims going forward.

With the underhanded attempts by the EU to snatch Northern Ireland away from the United Kingdom, Mr Redwood is now calling upon Boris Johnson to take “unilateral action” against those in Brussels.

Mr Redwood said: “I think in the case of Northern Ireland, trade position is very serious. I think there’s a deliberate attempt by the EU to wrestle trade from GB to Northern Ireland and turn it into EU to Northern Ireland trade.”

“I’m now saying to the government; I think you’ve got to take unilateral action. I think the action to the EU is unilateral and is questionably illegal because, on the agreement, it says that they’re going to respect our single market, as well as we respect their single market, but I’m afraid they’re not respecting our single market.”


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