Brexiteer claims, though countries live in fear of Brussels, many will soon leave the “dinosaur organisation”.

The UK has set the example by leaving the very block that took Britain for granted, trying to demoralise its government and its people for daring to vote to leave the EU.

Many other countries have now taken notice regarding how to make an exit from the EU.

Speaking to the Express, Conservative MP Marco Longhi said: “I think people live in fear.”

“On the European continent, they live in fear of change, fear of detaching themselves from something very, very big.”

“They are scared of, if you like, of stepping into the unknown and themselves being punished.”

“I have no doubt about that.”

Conservative MP Marco Longhi

“Whether they are brave enough to actually voice their news is a separate matter.”

“I just cannot conceive that in 10 years time, we will look at the makeup of what is project EU now and in 10 years time it be exactly the same.”


“It wouldn’t surprise me if it failed completely, or becomes a much smaller organisation of countries.”

He ended by saying : “I think it’s been known in wider circles that this has been the plan among EU members, particularly certain EU members and the Commission.”

“I mean, Guy Verhofstadt has been quite open about that in a number of his speeches.”