Sturgeon accused of removing parents rights allowing children from 4 yrs old to explore their gender without notifying parents.

Nicola sturgeon, transgender

Nicola Sturgeon was accused of taking away parents rights. New Scottish guidance will allow children as young as four years old to explore their gender with the support of their teacher without notifying their guardians.

Patrick Christys, on GB News, slammed the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon after her Government published new guidance on transgender pupils.

The new guidance will allow students as young as Four to change their names, choose their pronouns, choose which toilets, and change rooms they want to use.  

Primary school children as young as four can follow the guidance. Parents do not need to consent for students to identify differently.

The decision angered Mr Christys, who questioned the medical credentials of teachers who would help a child address a sensitive topic without their parents’ knowledge. 

Mr Christys said: “If I send my child to school, I want them to be taught maths and English, not told that they may have been born into the wrong body.”

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