NEW RECORD SET – Home Office report 592 illegal migrants were processed in Dover yesterday.

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With the migrant crisis continuing, another record was set for the most Channel migrants to arrive in the UK in one day. 

Late last night, the Home Office updated the daily Channel migration figures, showing how many made it to Britain illegally. 

Those that were processed by UK authorities tallied to 592 illegal migrants landing in Britain yesterday. That’s over 100 more migrants than the previous record set two weeks ago.

This number doesn’t cover the amounts of migrants that beached on the Kent shores undetected. On Thursday, former UKIP leader who was given an OBE for services to international security, Henry Bolton, come out exposing a case where 4 illegal Channel migrants rocked up to Sandgate beach in Kent, two of the illegals were detained by authorities, and two absconded into the population and never caught. 

Mr Bolton pointed out that those who absconded will not be on the official Home Office figures that are updated daily. 

Mr Bolton’s point was, many are getting to Britain undetected and unchallenged, meaning the 592 figure is probably a base number compared to the actual number that may have come to Britain. 

While this crisis continues, the Conservatives are not really doing much to match their generic rhetoric. They continue to say they will crack down and get tough on those breaking into the UK illegally and those who facilitate the Channel crossing. Yet, time and time again, nothing happens other than bringing migrants who venture into the Channel back to Britain. 

It was only a few weeks ago, the Home Office gave the go-ahead to build a brand new migrant processing facility which is said to be completed in May 2022, meaning this crisis isn’t going to stop any time soon. 

A couple of days ago, YouGov held a poll asking Conservative supporters what their main worries were in the UK. Immigration came out on top, higher than health and the economy. 

Going forward, the pressure will mount on the government, especially with talk of another general election next year. If the Conservatives attempt to serve the same “We will get tough on illegal migration” rhetoric, people will not take their word seriously due to previous experience. 

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