WATCH – Here’s the moment 26 migrants cross the Channel, illegally pulling onto Britain’s shores on Ramsgate Beach.

Ramsgate migrant invasion

On Thursday morning, with the Channel waters calm, beachgoers filmed 26 people land illegally on Ramsgate shores. As soon as the Illegal Migrants touched the sand, they dispersed along the coast. 

The Beach invasion was caught on Camera by those who were visiting. Eventually, the authorities turned up at the scene. The Police and UK Border Force then detained the migrants, placing them on coaches that travelled to Dover for processing. 

Out of the 26 people filmed leaving the boat, 24 were males of fighting age and 2 women. 

Chris Johnson, who has been documenting the migrant emergency in Dover for many years, said there might have been 8 more beach landing on the same day. 

The local media reported an onlooker saying: “We were at the beach when the dinghy came to the shore. I was the one that called it into the coastguard and police. I said that they are falling in and struggling in the water.”

“No one came to help until about 15 minutes later, and it was one lifeguard on a quad bike. Then about 10 minutes after that, the police showed up.”

“My partner went over to make sure there weren’t children as if there had been, he would have gone out to help.”

1 thought on “WATCH – Here’s the moment 26 migrants cross the Channel, illegally pulling onto Britain’s shores on Ramsgate Beach.

  1. Farage is correct, all of these illegals must be returned to France no questions asked. Once they are on French soil, then the boats must be destroyed so they cannot be used again. They must not under any circumstances be allowed to enter into UK waters or land on any UK soil. As for the Frogs, they know who these criminal trafficker gangs are and so do these rogue human rights solicitors. All the while they are on the receiving end of the envelopes and cash-in-hand, they will do absolutely nothing to stop these illegals. What is more, these rogue solicitors are sucking the Legal Aid pot dry. Once they have sucked every last penny out of the pot, then they will not want to know about all these illegals that they have taught everything they need to know of how to beat the UK system. Maybe it is about time the Solicitor regulation Authority became involved as well as the Law Commission and even the top legal dogs of the Home Office and government so as to flush these rogue solicitors out and strike them off the register to practice. The UK cannot continue to tolerate these illegals and the rogue solicitors and even the corrupt judiciary to get away with what they are doing.

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