Junker takes aim at Merkel after Germany portrays her as the savior of the EU.

Junker has a go at Merkel

Jean-Claude Juncker has blasted Angela Merkel for the EU’s lack of unity in health policy.

Former President of the European Commission said that Mrs Merkel was partly to blame for the lacklustre cooperation among EU member states during the coronavirus outbreak.

Le Soir, a Belgian newspaper, was informed by the Luxembourgish politician that Merkel had rejected the idea to extend European competencies in common health policy.

Contrary to the German Rhetoric, Junker didn’t hold back in blasting the outgoing German leader, saying that Mrs Merkel did not save the EU.

He said: “As she is a scientist, she always asked the right questions and provided answers that were first piecemeal, then complete, but she was not alone in the camp of those who saved Greece.”

“She saved Greece? Yes, because she did not say no to the Greek rescue program.”

“Did it cost us a lot of time? Yes, because she had to overcome serious difficulties within the CDU / CSU parliamentary group as well as a real rebellion among the general public in Germany.”

“Given the scale of the pandemic crisis, she saw that national solos did not have to be.”

“At the start of the pandemic, each Member State reacted in an exclusively national context for the wrong reason that the European Union and the Commission did not have the instruments to react to it.”

“But in 2003 and 2004, at the time of the Giscardian convention, she was among those who rejected the idea of enlightened minds like mine who wanted to extend European competencies to the health and health field.”

“Those who opposed it felt that the Commission had too much power and that these health areas should be limited to the national context.”

“On the pandemic, she reacted well.”

“If she had not said yes to the 750 billion plan, it would not have seen the light of day. Did she have another choice? No.”

“She resigned herself to playing the full European card, which she refused for a long time during the Greek crisis.”

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