Former UKIP leader and Independent reporter share what went on in Dover yesterday after multiple beach landings hit Britain. It’s a “National Scandal”

With the media giving their version of events regarding the beach landing around the southern coast, Steve Laws, an independent reporter at Dover, shares his view after what he witnessed and reports on what went on.

Mr Laws stated that yesterday, multiple beach landings happened along the Kent shore compared to the one videoed which has gained all the attention.

Steve states that what is happening is nothing short of a “National Scandal” with brand new taxpayer-funded migrant processing buildings being built to stop people from viewing how many are arriving in Dover.

In Steves view, this crisis isn’t stopping any time soon.

Henry Bolton, former UKIP Leader, also slammed Priti Patel after four illegals on a dinghy arrived on the shores of Sandgate, where two were detained, and two ran off. Henry states that the loss of the two absconders will not feature on the official data.

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