Nigel Farage slams Labour Politicians who try to STOP the deportation of foreign criminals “the Labour Party have lost their marbles”

Nigel Farage aimed criticism at Diane Abbott and other prominent Labour politicians for their opposition to the deportation of foreign criminals.

On Wednesday, Left-wing lawyers managed to stop 43 foreign criminals from boarding a deportation flight to Jamaica. Recently confirmed numbers showed only 7 of the 50 people who were supposed to be deported finally left Britain on the flight to Jamaica.

Those who were removed from being deported by left-wing lawyers at the last minute had committed acts such as murder and rape. Their combined sentences mounted to “245 years.”

The former Brexit Party leader slammed Labour’s campaign against deportations on his new GB News show. Farage explained that “Several Labour members of Parliament, some of them really quite prominent, are saying that it would be quite wrong for us to deport foreign criminals out of this country,”.

Farage continued to say: “This row is about Jamaica, and it’s about 50 criminals that the government wanted, following their convictions to deport back to Jamaica – they hold Jamaican passports.”

“Some of these people are murderers, Others are rapists, others have committed serious sexual offences with minors. But as a result of people like Diane Abbott saying ‘this is all wrong, they shouldn’t be deported, and some claiming through their lawyers that if they went back to Jamaica they may not get good treatment, of the 50 that were going to be deported, only 7 have gone!”

“So 43 people, some of whom have committed very serious offences are free to stay in this country. They’ll see out their prison sentences and be allowed to stay here,”.

“I have to say, I think the Labour Party have lost their marbles. The idea that just because these people happen to come from Jamaica, that somehow that makes it racist to send them back to Jamaica is for the birds!”

“We’d do exactly the same if they were white people from any other country. We deport foreign criminals, perhaps not as many as we should but we do deport foreign criminals.”

“So why the Labour Party wants to keep criminals, including serious ones inside the United Kingdom is a mystery to me. I think it’s all bound up in this ridiculous race debate that is going on in this country. Somehow, you can’t do anything or say anything about some racial groups in this country, otherwise they’ll take offence.”

“I’ve always taken the view that everybody before the law should be treated equally.”

“But that is where we are. Senior Labour politicians calling for a complete banning of these flights where we deport foreign criminals and some of them as I’ve said already, very, very serious,”

“I think it’s nonsense!”

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1 thought on “Nigel Farage slams Labour Politicians who try to STOP the deportation of foreign criminals “the Labour Party have lost their marbles”

  1. Yes Nigel you’re right The Labour Party Has Lost their Marbles, Especially that Diane Abbott why should we put up with Foreign Criminals in our Country, They cause enough trouble here so Deport them and let their own Country Deal with them.

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