IRISH MEP – Protocol renegotiation is unacceptable due to the loss of EU authority in Northern Ireland.

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A senior MEP said that the EU is preparing a last ultimatum for the UK because the bloc’s patience has “worn thin” over a command sheet to renegotiate Northern Ireland Protocol.

Lord Frost demanded that significant changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol be made. This is an element of the deal he negotiated. He stated, “we cannot go on as we are”. 

Negotiations continue in an attempt to resolve post-Brexit trade issues, with the Brexit minister presenting the proposals in the House of Lords last week.

The Fine Gael Irish MEP Sean Kelly says the UK’s plans will amount to a renegotiation of approximately half of the Protocol. The MEP said this would be unacceptable due to the loss of some EU authority in Northern Ireland.

Mr Kelly added: “This clearly is not acceptable, especially as it includes known EU red lines such as the removal of the European Court of Justice jurisdiction from single market matters in Northern Ireland, a reason many member states signed up to the Protocol in the first place.”

“However, it is cruelly ironic that the British proposals necessitate a high level of trust among parties while they act in a way to denigrate it.”

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1 thought on “IRISH MEP – Protocol renegotiation is unacceptable due to the loss of EU authority in Northern Ireland.

  1. Tough on Paddy. If they had not been hell bent on supporting everything the Merkel and her gang of lying cheating thieves of the corrupt commission had dictated, then just maybe a different scenario would have been the outcome. As it is, Merkel with her gang of lying, cheating thieves, including Varadkar and Coveney, including treasonous May and that now ex corrupt civil servant Robbins decided to dictate the terms of everything. I am just pleased that treasonous May and her toyboy Robbins were caught out in their lies and dodgy dealings with Merkel and they both lost their jobs.

    Now, the Paddy’s are crying wolf because the NI protocol that was a stitch up between Merkel and Barnier with treasonous May’s full knowledge and agreement are finding life difficult. The NI Protocol is hurting the RoI far more than they expected, I am very pleased to say.

    On from that, now that the RoI have become net contributors to the corruption machine and getting robbed blind through their own stupidity, how long is it going to be before the people of Ireland are punished with increase of taxes and everything else now that their role in the EU and punishing the UK is coming to an end, and they decide they no longer wish to be robbed blind by a bunch of corrupt has-beens of the corrupt commission.

    The role of Ireland of being any use to the EU is rapidly coming to an end. Once the corrupt commission decide they have served their purpose, Ireland will be tossed aside like a piece of used paper. I have absolutely no sympathy with them. As the saying goes, it always comes to those who wait. The wait for Ireland to be tossed aside and be nothing again, is rapidly coming.

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