This mornings deportation of criminals including Rapists and Paedophiles STOPPED by legal challenge.

Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn stop deportation.

Four out of five criminals that were set for deportation to Jamaica this morning remain in Britain.

After legal challenges were filed just hours before departure at 1 am, the Home Office was forced into suspending many deportations. A murderer, rapists, and paedophiles were among the offenders that were set for deportation.

These challenges are coming after Diane Abbott, former shadow home secretary, demanded that deportation flights be stopped.

She said: “Mass deportation flights are a signature Boris Johnson immigration and nationality tactic.”

“They are cruel, arbitrary, a double punishment and expensive.”

“There needs to be a moratorium on these deportation flights.”

“Government should not be playing with people’s lives.”

She added: “Most of those scheduled for deportation have only minor, non-violent offences”.

Claudia Webbe and Jeremy Corbyn, ex-Labour leader, pushed for an end of deportations before today’s scheduled flight.
Only criminals who have spent at least 12 months in prison can be deported.

Officials state that the length of time someone has been living in the UK and the strength of their family, social, cultural, and familial ties to the UK will be considered before deportation.

In 2007, the Labour Government introduced the legislation.

Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, and Claudia Webbe all voted in favour of the legislation being implemented at that time.

Out of approximately 50 criminals that were set for deportation this morning, only 7 were deported. The rest remained in Britain.

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