Nigel slams the Government, demanding they start to “tow the boats back to Calais.”

Nigel demands the UK Government to get a grip and start to “tow the boats back to Calais.”

Nigel Farage spoke on Dan Wootton’s GB News to discuss the continuing influx of migrants crossing the Channel into Britain.

Mr Farage called Emmanuel Macron for not doing enough to stop migrants following into Britain by crossing the Channel.

Slamming the UK government, Nigel Farage said: “You can put the entirety of the Royal Navy in the Channel if you want, you can add Border Force to it, you can add the lifeboats, you can add whatever you want, you can put the RAF up in the sky, you can put drones up, you can do whatever you want, and none of it makes a single bit of difference if every time a boat crosses into British waters they are taken into Dover, processed, given dental care, given health care, four-star hotels and £38 a week spending money and three square meals a day,”