WATCH – Political assassination attempt on Reform UK after bank gives party 60 days notice before bank account closed.

Richard Tice Reform UK bank account coosed

With Reform UK being the only political party questioning the government’s totalitarian approach to this pandemic, out of the blue, the Metro Bank has contacted Reform UK via Zoom and said their bank account would close in 60 days.

The leader of Reform UK, Richard Tice, states: “someones had a word” with the bank for them to close the parties account without explanation.

The closure of the bank account without another bank offering to help would see the party unable to stand candidates. No bank account, no party.

The situation conveniently happens just after word is getting about of a general election being held next year.

With domestic mandatory Covid passports being arranged for release in September, a two-tier society would see the covid vaccinated being given controlled government-backed privileges and the unvaccinated being made to be outcasts of society.

This would be the first time in modern Britain that the UK government-backed a divided society measured by health status. Due to this, the Tories have seen their polling lead drop like a stone from the once strong lead.

Mr Tice said he is a “half cup full” kind of guy, and hopes a bank May offer a home for Reform UK.

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