Richard Tice criticises the handling of the Channel Migrant Crisis. It’s “completely out of control.”

Richard Tice Migrant Crisis

France was criticised for allowing the migrant crisis within the English Channel to spiral out of control, with over 10,000 crossings this year.

Reform UK leader, Richard Tice, kicked out at the French authorities over the rising numbers of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel.

Over the last few days, thousands of migrants crossed the Channel in small boats. British officials pressed the French Government for tougher action.

Mr Tice also criticised the UK Government for going ahead with paying the French to patrol the Channel, saying: “The more money we send to France, the more migrants they seem happy to let come to the UK.”

Mr Tice told TalkRadio: “Look, this crisis has been coming at us for the last 12 months.

“My good friend Nigel [Farage] was the first to highlight it last summer, and he highlighted earlier this year that he had forecasted it would be over 20,000 for the year.

“It is now forecasted it may be 30,000.”

“The situation is now completely out of control.”

He continued: “The more money we send to France..guess what!”

“The more migrants they seem happy to let come over the English Channel to the UK.”

“It is completely out of control.”

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