Labour members to fight Starmer at Party Conference to bring Jeremy Corbyn back into the Labour fold.

Jeremy Corbyn supporters plan to reinstate him as a Labour MP at the party’s forthcoming Conference in Brighton.

Sir Keir Starmer took the whip from the former Labour leader in response to remarks he made following the publication of a major report into anti-Semitism within Labour. After 19 days, Mr Corbyn was able to regain his Labour party membership.

Corbynites hope to use Labour’s annual Conference next month to pass a motion that could see Mr Corbyn win the Labour whip.

According to The Guardian, the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is currently circulating a text that would allow party members the final say on disciplinary matters.

Local Labour branches are being encouraged to support the proposal. It could then go to a vote at Conference.

This change would require the PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] chief whip and the PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] to report directly to Conference. The Conference can confirm or reject any disciplinary decisions that are of concern for delegates.

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