Labour Red wall supporters reject the call to embrace Blair’s political legacy.

Keir Starmer Calls for supporters to embrace Blair

In recent days Labour leader Keir Starmer has publicly called for Labour supporters and its members to embrace the Blair years.

By doing this, the Labour Leader has driven a wedge in the party.

Many members are refusing to accept the year of Blair; instead, they reject him due to his hand in taking the UK into an illegal war in Iraq.

Blair’s actions are still felt today as the knock-on effects have seen millions of people die or be displaced.

Paul Embery, a Labour supporter, is one of many Labour members refusing to embrace the Blair years. Instead, he knows this is the last thing Labour members want.

As Blair is so toxic, People are now turning their back on the Labour leader, and this has been seen in recent polls showing growing support for him to be replaced.

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