NO END INSIGHT – New purpose-built facility in Dover costing the taxpayer £2 million to store illegal migrant boats gets the go ahead.

Migrant facility in dover storing boats

Its been revealed that the UK government spends roughly £500,000 of taxpayers money on storing illegal migrant boats that cross the Channel.

The reason behind the storage is down to the government having to wait twelve months to see if anyone picks them up. So far, not one person has come forward to collect their massive hoard of boats.

Recently, Priti Patel released some plans showing that she will be building a brand purpose-built facility in Dover, costing the taxpayer £2 million. Thats excluding the facility’s day-to-day running costs, which could see the price grow massively higher.

Due to current laws and regulations that are trying to be changed in Parliament at the minute, It’s said that this massive hoard of boats, if they are not involved in an investigation, may be disposed of after being kept for 12 months.

Currently, Parliament is trying to change the current rules so these boats can be reused by either donating them to others that will use them, or selling them at auction to recoup funds.

The new facility is said to be up and running by May 2022, meaning they expect this current crisis in the Channel to continue.

Last year boat pile compared to this year.

In a letter written by Priti Patel, which was sent to the home office, says: “The Department is determined to deliver a long-term, sustainable solution, with a new facility to be ready next May.”

According to the Daily Mail, new aerial photos taken by a drone showing the number of stored boats has dramatically increased compared to same time last year.

Though the Home Secretaries mouth speaks strong words, Action to solve the crisis has been very thin.

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