Starmer hopes to win over former Northern Labour voters by following Tony Blair’s Footsteps.

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It’s come to light that Keir Starmer wants the Labour Party to follow in Tony Blair’s footsteps to try and win the next general election.

It’s been a rough start for Keir Starmer since he took over the Labour Party; not only has his popularity as leader plummeted with members but he’s lost a lot of the Labour base, which fled the party when he took the reigns.


With Boris Johnson smashing down the Red Wall during the 2019 General Election, Starmer understands the monumental task he has to win back his once solid Labour base in working towns up and down the country.

It was only in May when the penny dropped for Starmer. The Labour leader had to concede in the public eye to a massive defeat by Tories, who won the seat of Hartlepool by 51% of the vote. It was the first time in 50 years the seat had turned blue. Only then did Keir admit that Labour had completely lost the trust of the working man who once supported them.

Starmer’s new strategy was confirmed in an interview with the Financial Times where Keir said to recapture the Last time Labour took power; they had to be proud of what was achieved under Tony Blair leadership.

Keir tries to connect with working people by bringing up past events.

This new strategy is extremely risky, especially with people associating Tony Blair’s premiership with the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, which to date has taken the lives of millions of people. People also remember the note left saying there was nothing left in the bank.

Keir iterated that Labour should be “‘very proud” of their achievements under Tony Blair leadership.

Starmer told the Financial Times: “We have to be proud of that record in government and not be arm’s length or distant about it.”

He continued to say his vision is “to win the next election”.

What’re your thoughts about this? Could Labour win the next general election by using Mantra from the Blair years? Leave your comments below.

1 thought on “Starmer hopes to win over former Northern Labour voters by following Tony Blair’s Footsteps.

  1. Starmer is a waste of time, always has been and always will be. He is only where he is today through licking the drippings off Bliar’s backside and social climbing. He has absolutely no political experience whatsoever, he has never held any position politically before grovelling and licking so Bliar instructed the LP to find him an ultra safe seat. The seat that he has, the sitting candidate was tossed aside on Bliar’s orders. Just like everything else in Starmer’s sad life, all on the direction of Bliar. Even being Leader of the Opposition, that was ordered by Bliar, a bit of vote rigging and he was there. The only position that Bliar cannot dictate for Starmer and that is PM. The LP have got to get elected first, even then I do not think Starmer will be in a position to take the hot seat. He is far too incompetent and far too much of a social climber.

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